Midnight Meat Locker

LIVE Sundays (10pm ET/ 7pm PT), at AllRadioX.com.

Welcome, Freaks, to the Midnight Meat Locker. A genre talk-show for horror fans, by horror fans. Featuring film reviews, celebrity Interviews and general geek talk, the Meat Locker and its “Butchers” are sure to have you hooked in no time!

Here, The Butchers serve up the best and worst that the horror genre has to offer, one cut at a time. For “The Killing Floor” segment, filmmakers create it, and The Butchers carve it up in a 1-10 “Cuts” rating system.

After hanging up their blood-soaked aprons from The Killing Floor, it’s then on to “The Chopping Block.” Here, the geek talk is free to run rampant! All topics from both The Butchers and fans alike are fair game, so grab your cleaver and let the bloodbath begin!

With “On The Meat Hooks,” it’s all about digging deeper into the horror genre. Be it directors, actors, characters or sub-genres, all are placed on the hooks for a closer examination as to what works and what doesn’t.

Join Zack Daggy, Thomas J. Churchill and Allen Sale on the live show every Sunday night on Allradiox.com (also available to download the following Thursday), and check out special On The Meat Hooks episodes with Zack Daggy, Brandon Chaffin and Minxy available on demand as a podcast on the occasional Monday.

Celebrity interview segments are coming soon! Stick tuned for details!

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